150 word reply post to a discussion board post 1 2

150 word reply post to a discussion board post 1 2.

Discussion Question:

What are four important tactical tasks for a negotiator in a distributive situation to consider?
XXX’s Post:
Distributive Bargaining is a form of strategy used by negotiators who try to gain majority stake from a limited set of resources (Oster, 2019). According to Kenneth Oster, distributive bargaining strategies can be a valuable way of negotiating if it concerns a single issue and managing relations is not of utmost importance. This methodology seeks to keep maximum value for one side while giving others a part of the deal that would not give them any priority or importance in the deal making process. (Oster, 2019).
Part of the process, the four important tactical tasks within a distributive bargaining include the following:
1. Goal Strategies: The act of negotiation is aimed at gaining a competitive advantage over the opponentâ€s strategy. As part of a distributive strategy framework, accepting settlements that are favorable towards having an upper hand as part of the negotiations (Lewicki, 2013). As part of the, ridiculing the opponents strategy and intimidating the opponent is considered a key component of this kind of strategy making.
2. Target Strategies: Targeting key components to win the negotiation and argument with the opponents. Having a percentage of acceptance as part of the deal is very important, for it allows to keep the upper hand as part of the negotiations with competitors who also want a piece of the deal.
3. Reservation Strategies: Setting a minimal viable product allows setting on reservation strategies (Oster, 2019). When a negotiation reaches the reservation strategy, there would be resistance towards the bargaining capability.
4. Confusion Strategy: There needs to be level of confusion among the competitors, which could lead to confusion (Lewicki, 2013) , which could be in the form of not taking notes or not showing interest in the deal making process. One of the key and utmost important fact that remains as part of this component is to cause confusion leading to distraction.
Oster, K. (2019). Fundamental Strategies to Distributive Bargaining. Retrieved from https://smallbusiness.chron.com: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/fundamental-strate…

Lewicki, R., Saunders, D., & Barry, B. (2013). Negotiation: Seventh Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
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150 word reply post to a discussion board post 1 2

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