2 discussion boards answer both please

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This week you are required to watch the film, “Crip Camp.” You can access the film here (Links to an external site.) for the captions option. (The embedded video doesn’t allow for captions)

Discussion Board Requirements You are required to respond to the following questions. Your initial response must be thorough, and a minimum of 3-5 sentences for each question.
Afterward, you are required to reply to three of your classmates. Your response must be at least 3 sentences and cannot simply say, “good job,” or “I agree with you,” etc… Your responses must be respectful of the opinions of others.
To receive full points you must respond to the film and reply to three of your classmates.
Discussion Board Questions What was your favorite part of the film? Why?
What thoughts or feelings came to mind as you finished the film?
Did anything that happened in this movie remind you of something that has occurred in your own life or that you have seen occur to others? Be specific
this the second discussion board. please make sure to separate them from one another they are not realted 350 words
Option A: Discuss the roles power (as in the ability to use physical strength) and authority (as in position of respect/authority) as well as issues of training, community, and belonging, have on whether some people will do what is right and ethical or what is evil. What role might empathy, or human biology, have in whether some do evil acts or allow evil acts to be committed? Be sure you use examples from our readings and my lecture to support your answer.
Option B: Please discuss the distinction (if any) between evil and insanity. Then, delve into the great debate about nature versus nurture. Can people be born “evil” and therefore natural evil or is nurture responsible, implying we are born good but are “made” evil. Please watch the videos and my lecture and read the articles I put up in this weeks module so you can use the material as support for your answer to my questions. I hope our Criminal Justice majors and Psychology majors will help add to our knowledge.
Interesting TED Talk – optional

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