3 Paragraphs About three Artist

In 150-200 words per artist, discuss the three choices liked below. Please write in complete sentences, use good grammar and spell-check your post before you submit it.
Make a separate paragraph for each artist.
What did you learn? What did you like? why did you choose the artists you chose?
Listen to three of the 50 Great Voices and their music clips onhttp://www.npr.org/series/122287224/50-great-voices/archive
1) Esma Redzepova: ‘Queen Of The Gypsies’
2) Asha Bhosle: The Voice Of Bollywood And More
3) Ahmad Zahir: The Voice Of The Golden Years
*After writing a paragraph for each artist please see the attached photos and make a very short response for each post ( no more than 50 words per photo) there are only two