300 word discussion post on California

Visit the Online Archive of California (opens in new window), where you will find a collection of images of California history.
Search through the database, and find an image of California history that strikes you as particularly important or noteworthy. Aim to select an image that has not been selected by your classmates.
Consider looking for an image from an event or movement that is of interest to you (if you are interested in women’s rights, look for an image of an early female California pioneer; if you are passionate about the environment, look for an image that depicts innovation in water flow or farming techniques).

Once you find an image, study that image and the history it represents
To get the most out of an image, you need to engage with the image and “read” it in a critical way. Consider the following:Location
Caption or other written description
The subject matter (portrait, building, event, etc.)
What is happening in the photo
The people, objects, signage, setting, time of day or year, etc.
Any questions you have after viewing the photos
link http://www.oac.cdlib.org/search?query=calheritage;…

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