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Travel Report

Purpose: This assignment is intended to demonstrate how relatively simple, inexpensive, and interesting world travel actually can be.

Directions: In 3-4 pages, come up with a proposal to travel to a particular country for a short, musical research trip. Using a variety of resources (books, travel guides, internet articles, travel sites like Tripadvisor, etc.) plan a three-four week trip to a country in Europe. Your proposal should include the following content and information: Country’s orientation: geography, climate, population, etc. A brief history of the country: politics, economy, religion, etc. Cultural customs: language, greetings, taboos, dress, etc. Travel: Transportation cost and means, time of travel, lodging, visas, currency, exchange rate, immunizations, etc. Activities: Sights to see, festivals/holidays, etc. Music Activities: Include some music genres and events likely to be seen. Total Cost: Provide a breakdown list of costs for a three-four week stay in the country. (Feel free to stay longer, if you like.) Be reasonable in your pricing. I doubt you will win the lottery before you go. Creativity: These points are based on your creativity and writing style. Some students have written from the perspective of a travel agent booking a tour, a tour guide native to the country visited, or even a backpacker on an adventure. If you make it fun to read, it will be fun to write.

Notes before you begin:

This project is designed to be FUN as well as educational. The focus is on the TRAVEL, not the history, etc., so don’t overdo the opening sections (one paragraph MAX on history; 1 page MAX on the country’s orientation, history, customs, and travel). The idea is to stimulate you to pursue international travel as part of your life experience. You will gain a better appreciation of not only other people and their culture, but the culture you live in as well. Be CREATIVE as well as informative.

Your primary resource tool will likely be the Internet. However, do not rely on it too much as most websites are not monitored for accuracy and often contain misinformation. Check bookstore travel sections or even a travel agent to verify your online info.


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42 19874817

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