Accounting Question

1) In practice, methods used to estimated credit losses for unimpaired loans vary across two general type of loans. (a) Individually small and homogenous loans (b) Individually large and heterogeneous loans. Explain these loans in detail. (3 Marks)
2) SFAS No. 157 (2006) contains a hierarchy of the types of inputs that may be used to estimate fair value, giving higher priority to observable inputs that use market data more fully. State these inputs. (2 Marks)
3) Mortgage Banks have different cost structures depending on how they originate or acquire mortgage. Describe the Operating Efficiency of Mortgage Banks. (2.5 Marks)
4) Securitization occur using a number of general structures and variations within those structures. These structures are Pass –Through Securitization and Trenched Securitization. Explain these structures in detail. (2.5 Marks

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