ADHD Is A Hereditary Disease

A common disorder among people is ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. People with ADHD are very hyper and spontaneous, focusing is also a really hard thing to do for people with ADHD. During childhood and teen years is when ADHD shows the most, although it can show in adulthood just as much. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is shown to effect 11 percent of children in America from around ages 4 to 17.() Medications for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are available for people who get them prescribed.

ADHD is a disease that has to be diagnosed by a doctor. Doctors will ask the parents if the child is more hyper than the average. They will check for signs of a learning issues as well. (ADHD: The Facts)Many symptoms come with ADHD like, hyperactivity, not good at following directions, not good at listening, bad at keeping up with things, and many more. Although not all people suffering from ADHD have these symptoms, most do.

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Many kids that have a mild to severe case of ADHD have a wide range of problems in their childhood. Kids with this disorder can leave others out, are bad at interrupting, frustrated easily, and have a really hard time controlling their emotions.(ADHD: The Facts) Many parents who have kids with ADHD that is mild usually have a hard time debating whether or not to prescribe their kid adderall because of the side effect that comes with it. Adderall has a likely chance of turning kids and people into “zombies. This is caused because adderall was made to calm kids with this disorder down so that they can focus and not be as hyper. Studies show that some parts of the brain in kids is smaller than kids without ADHD.

Genes is the likely cause of having this disorder, ADHD is a hereditary disease. Scientists have found if a kid has at least one parent who has ADHD has a 50% chance to have it as well. Studies show that the south actually has a higher percentage of people suffering from ADHD.(ADHD & Kids) There are natural ways that you can help ADHD, like diets, working out and brain training.

For helping ADHD by dieting, it is shown that if you stop intaking as much artificial Food-coloring, elimination diet, supplements, and just some organic foods. Food dyes and preservative sodium benzoate is a cause in the worsening in hyperactivity. Supplements help boost memory but not any other symptoms like attention and the rate kids process information.(ADHD & Kids) Body training is also a good idea to help out ADHD.

All you need to do for body training is just exercise. “Exercising can increase dopamine levels in the basal ganglia(ADHD & Kids) Exercise can increase norepinephrine as well. This chemical is related to ADHD’s fidgeting and seems to calm our brain down. And of course another thing you can do is just get outside. Brain training is also an option. For this you can just try neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a biofeedback that uses demonstrations for the brain to teach itself. Studies show that the video game program called Play Attention that had effects that stuck around up to six months.

Analysis Of “The Patriot” And “The Alamo”

In the movie, the patriot the villain and the hero are cartooned in a unique but generalized manner. The film depicts Americans as brave, valiant and devoted as the patriots that are described in the film. This makes most of the American characters like Benjamin Martin is enshrined as a hero. Initially, he is not interested in fighting the war with the British, a decision that he later made upon incision of the British armies to his personal space. Colonel William Tavington orders for the burning Benjamin’s house claiming that they were paying homage to the traitorous Revolutionary soldiers which are contrary to the truth, he was doing the same to the British soldiers who came to his doorstep for help.

Latter he is the center of the guerrilla warfare that drove out the British soldiers. On the other side, the British occupy the space of the villains. The movie depicts then as inherently weak malevolent and brainless shaping the most of their characters like Colonel Tavington. This fact shapes the real motive of the film, the film “The Patriots” was acted with the purpose of making the American feel-good of their country and the patriots who fought for their freedom.The film Alamo takes the same path of the villain and a hero. From the story the defenders of the Alamo are hailed as heroes. The defenders are headed by William Travis who controls 180 other rebels holed up together with him in Alamo.

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The defenders of Alamo at the end of the story are more likely to appear as martyrs who participated in the liberation of Texas. Their motto was one “If they overpower us, we fall a sacrifice at the shrine of our country, and we hope posterity and our country will do our memory justice.” On the other side, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna appears to be the villain in the story. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna comes to power and declares a life of dictatorship, and this makes the people of Texas feel the urge of breaking away to their republic. Since the story is told from Texas point of view, the defenders of Alamo led by William Travis comes out clearly as the heroes.

However suppose the movie of the Alamo is told in the Mexican point of view, Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna will be captured as the hero, and his heroic act will come from the courage to exercise dictatorship on the Texan militia. On the same frequency in case of the movie the patriot is to be retold in the British point of view, there would be a great shift in the heroes and the villains of the story. The British will hail their soldiers that captured America as the real heroes of the story by representing their country in war. Similarly, most of the exaggerations that are made in the story will be omitted since they were particularly meant to make the Americans feel good of their patriots.

A good movie must not accurately unfold the happenings of history, or else it would turn very boring to the viewers. Several scenes have to be taken out of context to adequately frame the theme and the humor that is necessary for any video. For these reasons, the two movies oust as very interesting though are not very accurate sources of history.

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