Imagine you are the head of a government agency and your chief of human capital officer advised that 40% of your agency personnel are eligible for retirement by the year 2024. Based on this information, you must create a plan to address this new concern and ensure the transition occurs without major disruption to your agency.As the head of a government agency, you have broad authority to make major changes in the organization. The only constraints are the agency budget and human capital laws and regulations.In about 1,100 words create an action plan to address this challenge. This assignment can be completed in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation.Consider the following questions when designing your action plan:What should be done to ensure institutional knowledge does not leave with the retiring workers?What should be done to ensure older workers who are not ready to retire remain relevant?What can be done to reskill existing workers to ensure they have the necessary skills for the future?Will you design “career ladder” positions that allow employees to move in higher paying positions and into agency leadership?Will you offer tuition reimbursement for current students or employees wishing to return to college part time?How can work–life balance be improved?What diversity and inclusion improvements are necessary?Will workers be allowed to telework (work remotely, work from home)?Will you offer public transportation benefits and allowances?Will workers be allowed to have flexible work schedules?Are there other flexibilities that will enhance the workplace?How will good performance be rewarded?How will poor performance be addressed?What other innovative approaches have you considered?Submit your assignment.

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