American with disability act

When was it introduced? When was it passed? When was it implemented? Value Base and Politics Behind the Policy• Policies, their goals, and the language used to describe them reflect certain values. Identify and discuss the basic values that are embodied in this policy.  These can be NASW social work values or any of the American values discussed in the text book, Warde (2016).• In the process of developing law in the U. S., the result will reflect the values of the different stakeholders. Stakeholders are key persons, groups, and institutions with interest in a policy issue.  Stakeholders can include administrators, consumers, clients, advocacy groups, government officials, service providers (not for profit and for profit organizations), persons from community-based organizations, and persons from the private sector such as business leaders.  Identify and describe the stakeholders for your policy and discuss their values.Policy we will talk about :Am