analyze one or two of four selected primary sources and make an argument that analyzes

Note, analyzing is not the same thing as summarizing. In your 3-4 page paper you are to make an interpretive argument either about the text or about what the text reveals about some of the key themes we have drawn out in lectures and discussion. Every good argumentative paper should have a clear and concise thesis statement so that the reader knows what you are arguing and why it is important. The argument of this thesis statement should then be argued with a series of topic sentences, the first sentence of each paragraph that states the evidence or argument of the remainder of the paragraph. Remember, in such a short paper you are better served making a well argued and narrow argument backed by evidence from class reading, lectures, discussion, and the source itself than a very broad interpretation. You are not required to use outside sources, but you are welcome to. (But, again, the more specific you can be in 3 pages the stronger your paper will be).Please dont use to big of words and dont make me sound to smart

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