Annotated Bibliography

Do the following to complete the assignment:A. Find 4 sources that answer your approved research question. Only sources that directly answer/address your research question will count toward the minimum requirements for total sources used.Reminder:  You may have some useful sources already that were used in the Investigative Report.      All of the sources must be from academic/scholarly journals. Use Google Scholar and/or the library databases to find these.B.  Record the bibliographical information in APA format.C. Take notes, organize your notes and record the information using the Annotation Template provided        Note: No Quoting Allowed! I want to read your thoughts and ideas and I need to see that you understand the material.        Your notes should be substantial. The goal is to summarize the main ideas, claims, arguments, concepts, etc. for use in your future papers for this class. Accordingly, the more comprehensive the summary, the easier it will be for you to find key information when needed.The minimum expectation is that you will identify the following:a. Thesis/main idea in the source.-This may be at the beginning of the article or it may be at the end. Your job is to find it and then clearly explain it in your summary.b. A minimum of two supporting arguments.-You must explain what the author argues and how they do it, explaining any relevant facts, data, etc. they use to make their casec. Additionally, specific information that is used to support the author(s) claims in the source should be included in your notes.Your summary/notes should be long enough and thorough enough that all of the major parts/important information of the source, e.g. arguments, evidence, etc. is included.  In effect, an interested reader should be able to read your notes and know exactly what the source is arguing and how it is making/supporting those arguments, without having to read the original source. This will be my approach when evaluating your final project for this assignment.