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The instructor will assign weekly questions on topics relevant to the assigned course topics. Active student participation in the class dialog with timely postings in the forums is important to the pedagogy of this program. Students will be expected to contribute to the responses of at least two other classmates’ postings each week. Initial discussion postings should be approximately 250-400 words, incorporate weekly readings, and contain original ideas and suggestions. Sources for posts should be cited in the discussion forum using Page # from the text. Students should engage in a lively discussion with peers and faculty. Responses to other students’ posts should extend the conversation and not merely offer a comment of agreement or a descriptive statement.  For instance, question assumptions underlying claims or offer additional questions for the group that will enhance learning.  The instructor may participate in the discussions by providing feedback and asking additional questions.For the first discussion board assignment, start by writing your introduction in your first paragraph (e.g.- name, year, major, and 2 descriptives about you as we did in class*).  * You can refer the PPT slides attached within Modules for guidance.For the next paragraph(s) please reply to the following questions:  What is your ideal organization that you would want to work for? Why?

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