Any topic (writer’s choice)

For example, a topic might include risk factors for juveniledelinquency among Asian Americans. Another example is factors that contribute to substance abuse among teenagers (or you could choose a specific sub-group like African American teenagers or early adolescents)In this assignment, you are expected to synthesize several empirical studies instead of merely summarizing each study/article. Synthesizing literature involvescritically thinking about patterns that emerge from the literature. This includes a discussion of why the patterns may exist and what the implications are of the patterns as a whole.Intro:1) State what the problem (DV) is;2) Provide context (i.e., why it is important to study this problem) by describing the scope ofthe problem and who it affects (using statistics/numbers); and 3) State the purpose of the literature review (e.g., The purpose of the current review is to examine the factors that lead to underutilization of mental health services among the deaf population.).BodyGiven that this is not a full literature review, only pick the variables that researchers found weresignificant. Always discuss demographic variables first and then other variables. Please organize/structure the findings so that they flow logically. Each variable will have its own sub-heading (e.g.,Race/ethnicity, Age, Marital Status, Family Support, etc.)For each variable, the following information needs to be provided:1) State how many articles included the variable in their study;2) State how many of those (that included the variable) found that the variable to be significant(For example, “Out of the 10 studies in this review, seven examined parental substance abuse as a predictor of teen substance abuse (cite those seven); of those seven studies, four found the variable to be significant (cite those four).” Vary up this type of sentence so it’s not exactly like this structure each time.); and3) Highlight one study that best exemplifies the finding, and then go into a little detail on what they found and the conclusions they drew. Describe why the relationship may exist. For example, if parental substance abuse was significant in relation to teen substance abuse, oneexplanation could betied to social learning theory, role modeling, etc.The last paragraph should mention all the variables that the studies included that were not significant.

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