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What was the overall topic of your research essay? Given that it was persuasive, what did you want your readers to believe, think, or do after reading your essay?What workplace or organizational problem does your essay topic solve? What would be the significance of solving this problem?What recommendation or solution are you making to the company or organization? Be as specific as possible and explain how it solves the problem you identified above.What evidence do you have from your academic essay that will help you present your proposal to your intended reader?Who is the intended reader of your proposal? What do you know about this person? How does what you know influence how and what you will write in your proposal?Below is an example of what your instructor will be looking for in your initial response:The overall topic of my research essay was creating a workplace recycling program. My goal in writing was to convince my readers that they should create a workplace recycling program in their own companies. I learned that there are several benefits to doing so, including:    * saving money and reducing waste by providing reusable items when possible.    * increasing morale by creating friendly competitions    * helping others understand the effects of waste on the environmentBelow is an example of what your instructor will be looking for in your initial response:While those are three different problems and their associated benefits, they are all closely related. My specific recommendation to my company is to create an ongoing recycling program in which the company recycles or reuses as much as possible, including toner cartridges, paper and plastic products, glass and cans, and so forth. I propose to do this by installing recycling stations in each break room, providing reusable cups for all employees, and using the money raised from specific product recycling (such as toner cartridges) to pay for team outings.  As I was writing my research essay, I found quite a few peer-reviewed articles that support the idea that recycling not only is good for the environment, but also improves morale in the workplace. I think the best overall article I found was this one:Amrutha, V. N.,

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