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DO NOT USE FULL NAMES OF INTERVIEWEE. INITIALS ONLY! 1. What does an RN do? 2. What skills do RNs need to perform their role? 3. What is exciting about the RNs practice? 4. What is challenging about the RNs practice? A.  Provide your response to the following questions: 1. What are your thoughts regarding the answers provided compared to what you believe nursing to be? 2. What stimulated your interest in nursing? 3. Why do you believe the image of nursing is important to the profession? 4. What field of nursing interests you and why?  The report is to be limited to three (3) typewritten pages and one (1) cover page.   ESSAY FORMAT  Cover page should include name, course, section and date.  APA format (no abstract needed) is required for citations within the text of the paper and a complete reference list at the conclusion of the paper if needed.              See  FAILURE TO DOCUMENT SOURCES APPROPRIATELY WILL RESULT IN SUBSTANTIAL PENALTY. This assignment will be graded on content, quality of writing/readability, adherence to APA format and scholarly style.  The following rubric will be used:                        Criteria Met    1. Clearly identifies and addresses all interview questions  20%  2. Clearly explained why you believe the image of nursing is important to the profession? 20%  3. Clearly identifies personal views regarding interview responses 20%  4. Provided personal views on nursing career and field of interests 20%  5. Grammar, spelling, organization, APA format including no identifiers  20% —–100