Application Answer review

For over nine years, I worked a project management contract team working in support of project proposal, project planning, build of state of work, and support in various roles of project execution.  My work in project execution, included working in operations, served as the technical lead and designated as customer-facing liaisons for the project. Why are you interested in pursuing a career in program management?Prior to coming to L3Harris, four years ago, I worked as a government contractor.  I was involved in many types of projects.  I have worked in well managed project, and some not so much.  This gave me a wealth of experience to one day apply in benefit for an entire project team of my own.  At that time, our government customer, seeing the gap in contract leadership not having technically experienced managers.  It was highly encouraged that all engineers to take the next step in our education, to enhance our knowledge of project planning, execution and management.  I will be completing my masters in project management this fall, so with that this should be my next step. Any additional comments or details explaining why you should be considered for this program?For over 20 years I have worked in both government and corporate worlds, I have seen what works and what doesn’t.  How people need to be treated and how not.  How to encourage success and how to impede it.  Being a project manager is not only managing tasking and project execution, but managing people.  I feel the key to being a successful project manager continuously looking at all the project facets, internal and external.  My belief is in creating a positive environment for the project team, customer and company stakeholders and this in turn helps deliver the best possible product or service.