Assessments for ELLs

5 of your textbook titled Issues of Assessments for ELLs, and watch Assessment of English Language Learners (Links to an external site.). academic standards and proficiency can be assessed through formal tests and assessments for all students, English language learners need additional assessment opportunities in order for teachers to assess their language proficiency skills. Using what you learned from the resources you reviewed discuss the following:Explain how current assessments (such as standardized testing) be biased against students who are not native speakers of English?Suppose you were teaching a unit on the water cycle. The unit focused on teaching the students the parts of the water cycle which include precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. Describe one way that you may evaluate your ELLs using a formative and a performance-based assessment in the classroom based on this lesson topic.Explain how these assessments can provide greater opportunities for ELLs to show their acquired knowledge with minimal interference due to a language barrier.Describe how your formative assessment can be used to guide your instruction while teaching the unit. Be specific.Look at Table 7.2: TESOL Language Proficiency Standards in your text and describe how the assessments that you are suggesting align with Standard 4.Be sure to use evidence from the text and/or video to support your response.