Author Affiliation computer science homework help

Author Affiliation computer science homework help.

Tasks: Observe the web application provided below and include the following descriptions.
1. A paragraph of a software executive summary, which describes the brief details of the web application.
2. A full analysis of user requirements by including:

a. Operations and constraints of the usages (Your analysis must focus on functional requirements. However, you may include non-functional requirements as well.)

b. Use case diagram of each operation

Note: In this section, when you describe an operation and/or constraint, the description should be very detailed oriented such as:
• What information the software is collecting for each operation?
• How the users navigate from one operation to another?
• What information is provided for each operation?
• What information is required and optional for each operation?
• How the information is collected or changed?
• How the users know whether information is submitted successfully?
• i.e.
• You do NOT need to be technical on this analysis. The purpose of the user requirements analysis is to explain the usages of the software to non-technical customers.
Create use case diagrams online:
Or you can download & install the online tool:
• 100-200 words on executive summary
• Double-spaced
• Font Type: Times New Roman with size of 12 point
• APA style (if there is any citation) Information to be included in a software executive summary
• What is the name of the software?
• What are the purposes of the software?
• Who are the main audiences of the software?
• What are the current processes to perform the tasks? Assume that a paper-based request forms must be submitted to IT department for any current request.
• What are the problems and/or disadvantages of the current process?
• How will the software resolve the problems and enhance the current processes?
I will upload 3 more pictures because the website only allowed me to upload 5 pictures

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Author Affiliation computer science homework help

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