Biology Question

This is the written answer component of Exam 2. It is worth 10 points total.
Please understand the following policies for this Exam:
Six writing prompts terms are provided below. Follow the directions for each group in order to complete this portion of the exam.Use a word processing program (like MS Word) to create a document and upload it.

Do not refer to the web to find your answers for these questions. Use the knowledge you have gained through the lectures, your notes, the reading, your studies, etc.
Use your own words always.TurnItIn will be enabled for this portion of exam, which means your responses are automatically being reviewed for multiple forms of plagiarism.
Any similarity flags will result in my reviewing your similarity report for the sources of the flags. NOTE: Copying phrases from the textbook or lab manual is still considered plagiarism.

Evidence of plagiarism will result in a score of ZERO for the entire exam (including the other components).
Further attempt to plagiarize may result in automatic failure for the class.This sucks for everyone, including your instructors. Please don’t risk it.

There is not time limit for this component.
There are no resubmissions for this component.
Good Luck!
Answer each of the three following questions based on what you have learned in class. Each answer is worth 2 points. When you finish, move to the next group of questions below.Describe how the spherical shape and tilt of the earth influences climate variation by latitude.
Describe how a small population size can potentially lead to the extinction of a species.
Compare and contrast the factors that drive human population growth rate over the last several thousand years with what has happened over the last few hundred years.
Select one of the following questions to answer based on what you have learned in class. This answer is worth 4 points. When you finish, you are done with this part of the exam.Describe the cascading effects by which the sun is able to modify climate and weather patterns across the globe.
Describe the major factors that explain why biodiversity can vary in different habitat types, different regions, or over time.
Choose three of the four major categories of things that humans are doing that are causing species extinctions. Explain what they are and how they are causing extinctions.

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