Body Cameras Work

Body cameras can provide protection for both the officers, victims, and accused individuals. Body cameras show evidence for every individual so no one ever feels they were wrong for something.

Body cameras provide protection for officers in many different ways. One way the cameras protect officers is when a officer makes a decision with a accused individual there decision can be reviewed and evaluated to make sure the officer did everything right. Body cameras also help officers when people make a false claim something that happened or was said. Because there is video evidence from the camera, it eliminates false claim. Video recording is good when officers are recording victims statements and witness accounts because it can help the officers and victims in court because everything that was said is recorded so they do not forget what might have happened. For example, said Lt. Kevin Mckellick “We’re able to review the videos, so if there is some type of discrepancy or the officer does not remember exactly what was said or done at the scene at the time, we can go back and look at it while we’re compiling our report.” For officers, protection video recording can be good evidence that is difficult to refute in court. Therefore there is always evidence if the officer is right or wrong.

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Police officers wearing body cameras can provide protection for victims. When victims statements are being recorder it helps in court with better prosecution against accused victim and it has higher conviction rates and fewer trials and more plea deals due to the fact there is evidence against accused individuals. Says Elliot Knetsch, “They feel safe. They tell the officer what happened. That statement given right at that moment is more likely to be the truth than what comes out even half an hour later, when the implications of what has happened start to set in.”It also helps because it eliminates victims from having to remember stuff months later in a courtroom because usually if they have to testify later on down the road they will forget details on what happened and now that there statement is recorded from the police body camera there statement will never get changed. It then does eliminate officers asking the same questions later on to because everything is recorded so they can just go and look back on the video instead of re asking a victim the same question. Body cameras very much help victims because fewer victims recant now then before so now more accused individuals will be locked up for their wrong-doing because victims recanted for the fact that they were scared to testify because they thought the accused would not be prosecuted but now that there is video less victims are scared to go in front of the person and testify and now the court just plays there video and has them testify and the accused is usually always convicted so it protects a lot more victims.

Officers that have on the body camera can provide protection for accused individuals. For accused individuals body cameras help them because it reduces 50% of force officers use because some officers use extra force when they think there will be no witness and they can just say what they want happened but now that there is cameras cops have to follow the steps on getting a accused individuals. For example Commander Chris Peter says, ” Any officer who is doing the right thing on a daily basis would want to have a camera on them.” The cameras can clear documentation of encounter with suspect so everything can be looked back at. Body cameras can prevent confrontation from officer cause some officers say stuff to people off of their race or because they just look suspicious but for there being a video it prevents that because officers can’t start a confrontation for no reason. Last reason it helps accused individuals is it shows if the officers reasoning was justified for arresting the accused individual so that when they go to court to sentence the suspect they have proof on if the officer was right or wrong for the arrest made.

Some people believe that body cameras are a waste of money due to the fact that some officers do not always turn there camera on. So it doesn’t change how cops are but that is the reason that now cops cameras are always supposed to be on from when they start work to when they get off; so they never have to deal with being in the wrong for not turning there camera on. Even though they’re supposed to turn the cameras on when they start work, some officers try to keep them off so the unlawful things they are doing aren’t recorded. That’s how most police officers get away with murder. Now that there are body cameras police officers try to say it is self defense when they illegally kill a victim.

This essay proves how body cameras can provide protection for officers, victims, and accused victims.

Abortion: Post Psychological Effects

The termination of pregnancy also known as abortion, is a procedure where a pregnancy has to come to an end. It is mostly decided when a women no longer wants the baby or cannot have it for a certain reason. The individual should not feel lonely because there are millions of other women that get the same procedure. Although nobody ever talks about the aftermath of it and what a women goes through. Abortion is a heated topic in todays society where many protests and debates have occurred over the legal and moral aspects of it. There are various procedures that can be performed dependent upon the gestation period that the woman is currently in and what can be done afterwards, not only physically but mentally as well.

What happens after an abortion?

Whether the individual had a medical abortion (pill) or a surgical abortion, we have to consider the mental health afterwards. Some women may not regret getting the procedure done and can continue to have a normal life afterwards. Other women, tend to regret the decision they have done and wish to go back in time. Usually, the person will experience guilt, followed up by anxiety, numbness, depression, flashbacks, and even suicidal thoughts (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome). These feelings can persist from weeks to months and even years after the termination has been done. Although these feelings may seem to be “normal emotions” after getting an abortion, they can worsen up with time. If they start to intensify with time, the person will have to seek medical guidance for there mental situation. It is better to find a medical professional who is “compassionate, unbiased, and appropriate counselor can help a woman who has undergone an abortion come to terms with her decision and find peace again—without a political agenda” (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome).

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The Impact of Abortion on Society

Abortion has huge impact on the community which has gone unnoticed for too long. Planned parenthood stated that “Overall, 3 in 10 women in the U.S. will have an abortion by the time they’re 45 years old.” this creates an impact on the community, state and national level. Communities are affected because the lack of influx of new babies with fresh ideas will cause the community to grow at a slower rate. Abortion has an impact on the state because there are pro-life and pro-choice organizations which either fight for the babies life or for the mothers decision. Abortions are a costly procedure which causes a drain on financial resources for both the state and also on a national level. The profit as for Planned Parenthood alone is “$127.1 million” which American Life League stated. Trupman who is a M.D. said that “Abortion rates are highest among 20- to 24-year-old women.” this effects America on a national level. We also have to consider that between the ages of 20-45, women experience a post traumatic syndrome that degenerates the health of the female.

Up to 33 percent of aborted women develop an intense longing to become pregnant again in order to “make up” for the lost pregnancy, with 18 percent succeeding within one year of the abortion. [4] [28] [29] Unfortunately, many women who succeed at obtaining their “wanted” replacement pregnancies discover that the same problems which pressured them into having their first abortion still exist, and so they end up feeling “forced” into yet another abortion…… on average there is a five to ten year period of denial during which a woman who was traumatized by her abortion will repress her feelings. [4] [30] During this time, the woman may go to great lengths to avoid people, situations, or events which she associates with her abortion and she may even become vocally defensive of abortion in order to convince others, and herself, that she made the right choice and is satisfied with the outcome. In reality, these women who are subsequently identified as having been severely traumatized, have failed to reach a true state of “closure” with regard to their experiences. (

Why Abortion is important to me

I chose what happens after getting an abortion because it is a topic that is heavily conversed not only on the procedure being done but what happens after.. I personally believe it is immoral to get an abortion unless extraneous circumstances have taken place. A woman should not get an abortion just because she made a irrational decision knowing that severe consequences would follow. Life is a precious gift that shouldn’t be terminated without considering the alternatives. It has been argued that if a woman feels as though she is not ready to become a mother, then she has other options than just choosing abortion. Regulating and possibly even prohibiting abortion can prevent a decision to terminate which a person could later regret. If the expecting mother is not ready to have a child then she has the option of giving the baby up for adoption. Adoption in turn gives other people who cannot have a child the opportunity to become a parent and take care of a child who otherwise would not exist if aborted. This will also help the mother to not get the symptoms of post-abortion stress syndrome (also know as PASS). The amount of abortions that happen in the US is at a huge unprecedented rate. According to American Life League the “Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2013: 56.5 million+” which is roughly 1.88 million abortions a year. Abortion peaked my interest as it has caused millions of babies to cease existence which if born could’ve gone on to do tremendous things.

What I learned.

I learned that abortion is a grave matter that should not be taken lightly. “There are many types of abortions, and often, they depend on how far along the pregnancy is.” this shows that depending on the trimester than certain procedures must take place.(Advice and Aid) I’ve also learned that every woman is different and may have a diverse experience after getting an abortion. Although some women may be fine afterwards and have a normal life, others get a traumatic experience with regret that one might not understand what they are going through. Although the post-trauma women have after an abortion hasn’t been accepted by the APA (American Psychiatric Association), we have to acknowledge that some women do go through a rough path and may worsen with time if they’re not treated in time (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome).

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