Book Nook

What is a virtual Book Nook? A virtual Book Nook contains activities that can be interwoven into each learning center and learning domain in the early childhood classroom. At a minimum, your Book Nook will contain activities from at least five learning centers along with at least two NC FELD goals, one in Health and Physical Development and one in Emotional and Social Development. Activities should include target vocabulary, open ended questions, and materials.To prepare for this assignment you will need to:Read the following article and review the factors that should be taken into account when making book selections.Anti-Defamation League. (2004). Assessing Children’s Literature. Available from plans to visit a children’s library or search online. Use the ADL criteria to select a book for children 3-5.To complete the assignment successfully, you will need to:Include the followingTitleExamples of activities that can be used while reading the book and throughout the dayHow to use in the following:Circle -14 pointsCenters-14 pointsOutside Play- 14 pointsArt-14 pontsMeal/ Snack Time-14 pointsNC FELD goals and how they relate to the Book Nook.-20 pointsCorrect spelling and grammar-10 pointsEvaluation including how the book aligns with recommendations shared in the article “Assessing Children’s Literature” by the Anti-Defamation LeaguePost your book to the Padlet in this module. You will need to sign up for a Padlet (FREE) account.Resources:  Infant/Toddler Foundations Book, Foundations: Early Learning Standards for North Carolina Preschooler and Strategies for Guiding their Success, Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning