Building Teams and Resolving Conflict

You have been chosen as the team leader for a five-member team to design policies and procedures for the newly designed virtual teams concept and present your recommendations to the leadership team.Your immediate task is to organize and assign each team member with their specific assignments to complete the project. Describe how you would go about creating an implementation plan, including which team member is assigned to which tasks.Address the following in your plan:Explain the purpose and goal of the project.Set 3 expectations for the team and the impact of each on the team.Explain your role as the leader and the importance of collaboration and communication.Define both collaboration and communication.Provide 1–2 examples of collaboration and communication from a team perspective.Identify at least 3 potential team conflict challenges and how you as the team leader plan to address each challenge.Describe at least 3 ideas for how you will assign tasks to each team member.

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