Business and Finance – PowerPoint presentation

You will recommend a delivery methodology for the
final project. Your presentation must include the following.  Use Headings:

A definition of a Delivery Method and how it
would be applied for the project

Pros and cons of a Different delivery method

A recommendation of the delivery method you chose

Coordinate with
Team Members prior to working individually, so different delivery methods are

One team
member, for example, might present a classroom delivery method, whereas
another team member may present a Webinar, and a third member may present a Podcast.

 After the due date for the individual
assignment passes, share your presentation with your Learning Team, so the
team may hear your pitch or reasons why not to use a particular delivery

 If this is
an online class, the presentation must
include Speaker’s Notes for Each Slide, showing what you would say if you
were delivering a 10-minute presentation

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