Business Question

You have been assigned to review the tax return.. Please casually review the return for accuracy and completeness and respond to the following:
Line 7 of Form 4797 is $50,898–At what rate(s) is this amount taxed?
Line 18(b) of Form 4797 is $2,500. At what (marginal) rate is this gain taxed, assuming that this is the very last income?
Line 3(b) of Form 1040 is $1,155. At what rate(s) is this amount taxed?
Does the QBI deduction appear to be correct? This assumes that considering facts and circumstances that the rental activities qualify as a trade or business.
The completion of this tax return involves receiving the records from the client, a client interview virtually or in person, the return preparation using computer software. your review, and delivery of the return with an exit interview in person or virtually. What sort of fee (i.e., how much?) do you think would be appropriate for this valuable service?

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