Case Of Lewis And Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Lewis and Clark expedition had started after Jefferson decided that the unknown had to be explored. The expedition started before Jefferson had officially purchased the Louisiana territory from the French. Jefferson wanted information on where the lands of the Indians were, what crops grew there, what type of animal and how many grazed there, who the natives were and who they traded with. The expedition consisted of a select group of military men led by Captain Meriwether Lewis. Captain Meriwether Lewis was a frontiersman and the personal secretary of President Jefferson.  Lewis chose Second Lieutenant William Clark to lead beside him. Second Lieutenant William Clark was a draftsman and frontiersman and had once been Jefferson’s commanding officer in the army. The purpose of he expedition was both scientific and commercial.

The scientific reasons of the expedition was to create maps and document the plants and animals found and the commercial reasons were to establish trade and identify natural resources. On May 21st, 1804, the expedition had started. The expedition left Camp Dubois, near Saint Louis where they learned to trade with Native Americans. The Missouri River was the first major challenged for the team to pass. After passing the river, the team ran into the Sioux tribe. The Sioux tribe had power and was stronger than any other neighboring tribe. The Sioux were friendly with Lewis and Clark. They included them in their rituals and showed them great respect. In return, Lewis and Clark’s men would play music for them. The Sioux soon started to trade with the team. Before leaving, Sacajawea, a woman that was captured from another tribe, was hired. She was added to the expedition to help interpret and translate. She could also help get horses for the team. Most importantly, she knew about the land and how to survive. After traveling on, they met a fork in the river. It took seven days to decide which way to take. One way wouldn’t get them through the mountains before winter. After much discussion and research, they chose a path.

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Criminal Justice System

Criminal justice is known to be the system exercises, and institutions of government mandated to sustain social control, discourage and lessen crime or sanction those violating the law through rehabilitation and subjecting them to criminal penalties. People who are accused of crime also have constitutional protections from abuse of prosecution and investigatory powers (Abdolsalehi, 2013). Law has the purpose of providing a set of rules which govern the conduct and order in society. The law provides the rights of the accused, and their handling is enshrined in the constitution.

Criminal justice system entails three parts that are:

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1. Law enforcement (FBI, police officers, homeland security department among others),

2. Courts,

3. Corrections (probations, prisons, jails, etc.) in this system the first encounter that the accused or the defendant is usually by the police who take charge in the investigation of the suspect’s wrongdoing and arrest.

The suspect is arrested and arraigned in court for prosecution where the judges of the court follow the due jurisdiction. If the offenders are found guilty they are turned over to the correctional institutions and authorities where the administrations of punishment are different forms depending on the crime committed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States is charged with a mission of equipping the national security, law enforcement and intelligence community associated with the criminal information needed to protect the U.S. when preserving the civil liberties (Bivol, 2013). The FBI developed National Data Exchange (N-DEx) system designed idea from experts of subject matter. The FBI looked for input from state, local and federal agencies resulting in an excellent system.

This is a system that contains data incident collection that the local police departments usually record and track information such as date of birth, names, phone numbers, addresses, offenses, license plates, convictions, arrests and so on. When the police share such kind of data information, it makes the investigation work easy. N-DEx helps protect people from terrorism and crime through sharing information within the police departments.


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