Case Presentation: Case Conceptualization (CP-CC) Assignment

Please use the attached template to complete. I have attached the paper that went prior to this one.  RUBRIC:From a formative lens, the student attended to each step of the inverted triangle. Provided developmentally appropriate evidence of step 1 (problem identification) with data linked to the summary; in step 2, applied 1 of the 4 themes offered in the textbook and documented which grouping theme used; in step 3, effectively used a theory to develop inferred areas; and step 4, used the same theory in step 3 to identify the unifying, causal, etiology that drives the mental health outcomes.A written narrative of the case conceptualization was evident. This includes overall evidence of summary data, theory (key terms, concepts) that explains the client’s signs, symptoms leading to etiology, causal themes.Spelling and grammar are correct. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Proper grammar is used throughout the paper. The paper is 1-3 pages of content in length, not including title page.Current APA format is followed. At least 2 academic sources are utilized. APA heading are applied effectively, title page, etc are mastered.