Christmas Experience Unveiled: An Unforgettable Reunion And Celebration

My Christmas Experience: A Reunion Full of Surprises

Shweta Patel M. Geistkemper Eng-105 (T, Th) Narrative essay draft Christmas Surprise There have been many Christmases and many memories. However, my favorite Christmas memory occurred when I was in class nine; it was an unforgettable day of my life because of the festival of Christmas and a surprise visit from my parents. They arrived from India to the U.S.A. to give me a surprise, and I had no idea they were coming at all. I was appropriately shocked, expletives included.

Moreover, I was delighted to hear my parent’s voice, and they were overjoyed to give me such a happy surprise. I celebrated Christmas with my parents and also with my friends. When I woke up late morning on Christmas, my mother spoke out loudly, “Surprise, surprise!” I remained silent for a while. Then, I ran to my mother and hugged her. In addition, I heard a voice saying: “Why don’t you give me a hug? Come to your dad at once, please!” said he with happiness, excited look. So, I turned to my right side and saw my dad standing there with an amazing smile painted gracefully all over his face. Tears of joy started flowing down my cheeks as I hugged him. Moreover, my father brought two pairs of Indian dresses and bracelets, as well as two pairs of jeans and sports shoes.

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Celebrating Traditions and Bonds: The Ideal Christmas Day

Furthermore, my mother brought me a Christmas sweater with bells on it and a laptop. I was very excited that day. On the other hand, I was immediately encircled by the aromas of her Christmas cooking and baking. I went into the kitchen with my dad, and together we helped my mom finish preparing the Christmas snacks and sweets. Later in the morning, I went to church with my parents. I prayed for us and for my friend. Also, I prayed for happy and long lives for the people around me. After church, we arrived home, where I ate my favorite snacks, such as dry banana chips, chocolate cookie cups, and feta pinwheels. At noon, I went to my best friend Megan’s home. I wore an Indian dress made of fine georgette fabric with a velvet patch of stud and beadwork. I brought some gifts and sweets for them.

We ate all the sweets together, like chocolates, almond cookies, cashew sweets, biscuits, and caramel popcorn were my favorites. However, Megan wanted to eat only almond cookies. ‘Are you sure you liked it?’ I asked. She replied, “I have been waiting for this to taste for a long time.” “Really?” “Yeah, the yummy almond cookie must be made of your mom!” After some hours, Megan and her parents also visited my home with sweets and snacks. I seek their blessing on the festival day. She gave me the compliment that she received her favorite Barbie doll from me. For the next hour, I received many gifts from them. However, to me, giving a present brings even more enjoyment and happiness than receiving it.

Cherished Connections: My Ideal Christmas Night

The evening is the most interesting part of the day. I went to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner with my parents. It was not easy to find a good restaurant near my resident place because most of the restaurants closed on Christmas. So, we went to the other town to find a vegetarian restaurant. Then, my dad called my uncle, and he suggested a new restaurant that was famous in his area. Finally, we arrived at our destination. Their food was delivered with unbelievable speed and with delightful presentation. The restaurant looked so beautiful, decorated with colorful lights, and very festive. After a delicious dinner, I came back home with my parents. They got busy receiving phone calls. So later, I spent the night playing games and sharing gifts and toys that my parents brought for me.

To celebrate Christmas, we buy new clothes, gifts, sweets, and chocolates. We also meet our relatives and friends at the Christmas festival. We greet our relatives and friends with sweets and gifts. Homes and Shops are lit with colorful bulbs and attract huge crowds. Christmas festival, to me, is a celebration that includes spending time with my family, decorating the entire house, and sharing gifts and food, with the people I love. After all, this is how I was surprised. I enjoyed myself as well as got to bond with my parents, whom I had not seen for a while. The real surprise is when the wish unexpectedly comes true. It gave me a feeling of excitement that can’t be described. It was one of the best days I had ever spent, being emotionally very satisfying. I had been out with my family, and it felt good because I felt I connected with them.


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Symbols In ‘The House On Mango Street’: Esperanza’s Quest For Identity

Esperanza’s Transition: Childhood Dreams and the Journey Toward Womanhood in ‘The House on Mango Street

“The House on Mango Street” is a collection of musings of a young female named Esperanza. The main character and the direction of the stories are revealed in the first story. It is in “The House on Mango Street” that Sandra Cisnero sets Esperanza up as a young girl dreaming of a brighter future and yet floored by the realities of her situation. The first story introduces Esperanza as someone who plans on escaping the place where she is growing up. She is old enough to understand that the promises of her parents about the temporariness of their house are not going to be fulfilled any time soon.

She is, however, young enough to believe that physically leaving Mango Street will mean a complete escape from the things that Mango Street and their house represent. The youthfulness of Esperanza is shown in “Hairs,” where she describes her family and herself through a description of the type of hair each had. She tells about still being comforted by her mother’s presence beside her in their bed. It is also in this story that one understands Esperanza’s personality. She is free-spirited and hard to tame, like her hair. But she is clearly in the process of developing into a woman as she expresses her emotions for her mother’s hair and the hair of a truly ladylike woman. Esperanza is shown here to be in the transitional period of developing from a child into a complete lady. She most probably would be in her teenage years.

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Decoding Symbols in ‘The House on Mango Street’: Charting Esperanza’s Path to Maturity and Independence

The emotional and personal development of Esperanza is also seen in “My Name.” When she speaks of not wanting to be like her grandmother and a woman beside the window, trapped and she shows that she is already capable of deciding for herself the future she wants to have. She also shows her knowledge about the outside world when she speaks of Chinese culture and its possible similarities with Mexican culture. She also shows a deeper understanding of society when she explains how Chinese culture and Mexican cultures do not want their women strong, which is why they do not give them strong names. Her reference to women being suppressed and kept from being strong also shows that she is aware of this bias. She is clearly developing emotionally because she can formulate for herself judgments about the things that occur in the society she lives in.

In this part of the story, “My Name,” Esperanza demonstrates development from being the young girl who dreams of escaping her house because she wants more space to the teen who wants change because she no longer agrees with the things around her. She wants to change her name, insisting that it does not refer to the “real her.” She wants a life that is different from her grandmother’s. The aspirations of Esperanza in this part have developed. From a house with more bedrooms and bathrooms, Esperanza now aspires for more abstract concepts and independence, choice, and freedom. In the final parts of the stories, Esperanza seems to have finally developed into a wiser and more practical woman. She realizes that escaping Mango Street is not something she can do physically for the moment.

Coming Full Circle: Esperanza’s Journey from Shame to Acceptance and Activism in ‘The House on Mango Street’

She decides to write instead. This allows her to release the frustrations she feels for the place she lives in. Esperanza understands now that Mango Street is a part of her life and will continue to be so even after she leaves it. She seems to have made peace with herself, and instead of continually trying to push for a way out, she now focuses on ways to improve herself. This is, according to her, the way to finally be able to leave Mango Street. Her wisdom is seen when she states that only by leaving Mango Street, improving herself somewhere else, and coming back to Mango Street can she truly be able to help those who do not have the ability to leave. Her goals are now realigned to include those in her community. Esperanza completes her journey from childhood to young adulthood in the pages of The House on Mango Street.

She forms a clearer view of who she really is through her experiences in her house and grows emotionally as well. The maturity of Esperanza is seen not only in her thoughts but in the observations she has made from her neighborhood. She has learned from the lives of those around her and has grown from the lessons she gathered. Sandra Cisneros’s true message to her readers is an explanation of Esperanza’s feelings throughout the book. Esperanza is taken advantage of and not taken seriously throughout the book but her perception of these events changes. She goes from being ashamed of her home, family, and identity to understand that she must work hard to get out of that situation and to help her family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. Ms. Cisneros’s message is delivered quite clearly through simple speech and very straightforward narration. Her story’s purpose is not buried beneath fancy language or figures of speech; it floats very near to the surface of every chapter. I find this novel to provide a very interesting point of view on a lifestyle and experiences that I have not seen first-hand. The author describes the emotions behind every situation very nicely. I would recommend this book because of the value of different outlooks.


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