Cockroaches Carry Diseases Such As Poliomyelitis And Dysentery

Cockroaches are one of the insect pests that are found all over the world. Cockroaches are known to be able to survive off of the trash and live in areas that you couldn’t imagine. These pests are best known for carrying around trash, and they can carry bacteria that could cause a person to fall victim to several diseases and or illnesses. People who have asthma can be affected by the allergens roaches produce. Asthma is a chronic condition that can be triggered by cockroaches, and the ones who are usually affected by this are children who may live in areas that have infestations.

As a person who lives in an apartment building, it is easier for cockroaches to enter the building because even though you may be a very clean person, cockroaches find ways to enter your home, such as through windows, doors, vents, and any other openings. There are times when your neighbor could move out, and they had cockroaches that could get into your home because they don’t want to be there anymore, so they migrate. Lack of sanitation in your home could cause infections. However, even the most sanitized places can have some form of infestation due to where they live or depending on their neighbors too. Cockroaches are pests that are hard to get rid of, and they multiply by the second, even after you may think we have gotten rid of them.

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Cockroaches come in a variety of sizes and colors; some can be small, others can be huge, and some can be red, black, or brown. It is not really known how many cockroaches are in the world, but we have more than what is listed, but according to, there are more than 5,000 types of cockroaches, and the most common types of cockroaches are the German cockroach and the American cockroach.

Why eliminate cockroaches?

Why should we eradicate cockroaches? What would happen if these species were to be eliminated? Cockroaches are one pest that everyone hates or is even scared of. Cockroaches could live and thrive off of trash, dead skin, etc. Cockroaches like to be in warmer areas; they thrive better in humid and dark areas. This is the reason why you’ll find them come out of several openings, and during the night, when you wake up at night, there are times when you find them running around. During the winter or the cooler days throughout the year, you won’t see as many cockroaches come out, but they still are around. These pests carry around diseases and can spread them to whomever they land on. According to, it states that cockroaches carry diseases such as salmonella typhi, poliomyelitis, and dysentery. In other words, they can cause typhoid, polio, severe diarrhea, and bleeding. It’s not hard to know why we should even consider exterminating these species. As I said at the beginning of my proposal, cockroaches could cause children to get their asthma really badly, or cockroaches could cause really bad allergies. My dad is allergic to cockroaches, and it causes you to get a really itchy throat and to be sneezing. If we get rid of this species, we could help children from getting their asthma really badly, and we could prevent the spreading of diseases so easily each year.

Not only are houses affected by these pests, but also businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, etc. There are times when people say, “oh, I saw a cockroach. This restaurant must be nasty and dirty,” but that is not always the case. Cockroaches don’t just go for dirty places. They are everywhere, whether you may be the cleanest freak person. These pests cause harm for restaurants, though, because there could be a disease that is spread to the food that we may not always know about. The owners are sometimes not even aware that they have pests.

As stated by World Health Organization, cockroaches are not the major cause of diseases, but they do play a great role in expanding diseases. According to the Better Health Channel, Cockroaches could be a reservoir of a range of bacteria such as Salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. It also states that cockroaches can also harbor viruses such as the polio virus. Not only do these pests carry bacteria they also help trigger asthma and allergies. There have been reports by the World Health Organization that there are an estimated 1.4 million to 4.3 million cases of cholera per year that result in 28,000 to 142,000 deaths. These are caused due to cockroaches.

How can cockroaches be eradicated?

It is possible to eradicate these pests. The first step to eradicating these pests is by starting in your home. You have to deep clean everything and make sure you are cleaning every day. To certain individuals, it might seem cruel to want to exterminate a species, but it is harmful to human beings to come in contact with cockroaches. There are just too many diseases and risks that take place when coming in contact with these pests.


Cockroaches are an ideal candidate for eradication, and here are different ways to do so.

First, you have to start at your home and your surrounding areas. Also, you could spray pesticides or put traps in your home, but you don’t want to over-spray because you could harm yourself. You have to be sure to clean up your trash and keep it in a designated area, don’t leave your trash just anywhere; this will make way for cockroaches and possibly other pests to come. Overall, cockroaches are not a species we need to survive; they are not a species that benefit us in any way. At the end of the day, they are just those nasty pests that we want to get rid of because we don’t want our homes to be invaded by them.



Methods And Cures For The Zombie Epidemic


The Zombie Epidemic has finally been brought to an end as a cure has been created in a lab in rural Missouri after months of capturing zombies, testing them, and then using their DNA and blood samples to reverse their symptoms and return them to human form. After multiple attempts and failed experiments, scientist Madison Peavler discovered a way to do exactly that. This epidemic affected millions of people, and they can all be saved with the serum that has changed our world. The epidemic was caused by a serious hormone imbalance in the nervous system that caused the body to shut down and secrete a new enzyme we have named peroxide. Perynoxide kept the brain at a barely functioning level and left the body highly regenerative and the patient immortal.

A Cure for the Zombie Epidemic

This scientific article covers the groundbreaking research and cures for the detrimental zombie epidemic of 2018. We will discuss the methods and trials that went on to find this cure and the great amount of pressure that was put upon Madison Peavler as she fought to develop the serum that saved us all.

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The participants in the wide-scale trial were zombies that were captured during the epidemic and did not want their names to be mentioned at this time.

Assessments and Measures

Each zombie went through the same process for over a process of a month. They were swabbed for bacteria and sweat, which was tested for toxins, and then had blood drawn to be tested for chemical imbalance. We only draw small doses of the blood at a time so we can draw more blood over periods of time. This method was used so that we could garner more accurate and timely results. This was the method that was used during the duration of the trial. The zombie was put through a series of tests at a time so that we could observe and make a note of their progress as time went on.

We noticed that all the zombies had the same hormone imbalance as all the others. They had severe bipolar disorder, and their readings were off the charts. For most of the zombies, this was the problem, and Madison Peavler’s serum balanced it all out. The hormones that were used in the serum helped to calm the zombies down, and they could now talk (they had severe memory loss causing them to forget words).

Now that the zombies could talk, they could tell scientist Madison Peavler what was wrong with them. The very first zombie was created when he was exposed to a very potent virus. This virus threw the zombie’s hormones into a frenzy, causing the first symptoms to be problems speaking and loss of motor skills. Then the skin began to atrophy, causing their greyish, damaged appearance. This became a massive epidemic because the virus is also highly contagious.


The serum that Madison Peavler created cured the zombies for good. It is a one-time treatment that turns the zombies back into their human form for the rest of their lives.


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