Compare and contrast Healthcare problems in AMERICA and India

Identify and record the health data for each country for the health problem selected.

Identify the following for each country:Population and demographics
Annual per capita spending on healthcare

Describe the prevalence of the health problem in each country.
Describe the healthcare system of workers/professionals who are available to serve the population for the health problem in each country.
Explain the following list of factors that may contribute to the existence of the health problem in each country:The elements of the epidemiological triangle, if applicable.
Environmental impacts (including the healthcare delivery system) that may apply to the health problem.

Explain the multifactorial relationships for the health problem in each country:Nutritional considerations, if applicable.
Economic considerations.
The costs of medication and/or treatment in the healthcare system.

Explain at least two current efforts for containment/mitigation of the health problem by the healthcare system in each countrY

Synthesize the information you gathered for each country in the Compare and Contrast Template into a 2- to 3-page response. Your response should address the following:
how the health problem you selected is currently addressed by the healthcare system in each of the countries. Be specific and provide examples.
Explain at least one approach each country’s healthcare system uses to address the selected health problem.
Explain the role of the nurse leader in improving global health.