“Corn Syrup and Over-Consumption

“Corn Syrup and Over-Consumption.

Watch the documentary: “Corn Syrup and Over-Consumption” (47 minutes) to prepare for this discussion question. The documentary is available to watch online through the Holman Library (see tutorial directions link below).  This documentary is part of the series, titled “The Men Who Made Us Fat.” Nutritionist Marion Nestle investigates the relationship between sugar and obesity.

Discussion: In the documentary the statement was made: “You can’t walk more than 100 feet in the United States and not be cued with some signal that food is available,” says Dr. David A. Kessler, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. “And so what’s going on is that my brain is constantly being activated by these cues.” This episode explores the addictive quality of some foods, which companies exploited either deliberately or by selling their products in an aggressive way. However, in the US, we have a tendency to attribute obesity to gluttony.  Answer the following  3 questions in order.  Each response should be a complete paragraph, numbered and in order.    College level writing.  Your own words.  No links or quotes for answers. 

(1) Do you think it is fair to just think about obesity in terms of personal responsibility?  Explain.   

(2) Is there a component of corporate responsibility /  Does the movie influence you?  Explain.

(3) How can we begin to hold corporations accountable/Does the movie have an opinion? Explain. 

Use your text book and reliable sources. Use the assigned video. Use your own words.  I expect a meaningful concise paragraph response to each question asked.  Post your answers in order as listed above. 



  1. Make your initial post answering the questions as listed above by Thursday.  Do not use links or quotes for answers.
  2. Initial posts must be a minimum of 300 words in length and include two (2) valid references [textbook, nutrition journal article, assigned video or nutrition professional website] in APA format.
  3. Nutrition journal articles must be:  (1) Less than 5 years old and (2) A minimum of two [2] pages in length.
  4. Respond to a classmate post with meaningful feedback (avoid responses which state “I agree” or “me too”).   Post your  reply by Friday.   Start with “Hello _____” as you reply to classmates.
  5. Responses to classmates must be a minimum of 100 words in length (per response) and include one [1] valid reference (see above) in APA format (per response).  Your replies should continue the learning and build on the information presented. 
  6. College level writing.  Your own words.  Do not “cut and paste” –  you may use a quote to support your answer but you may NOT use a quote as the answer.

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“Corn Syrup and Over-Consumption

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