Debating the Exclusionary Rule

Review the textbook, at least TWO outside sources, and the following video to research the Exclusionary Rule. (Mapp v. Ohio). Using that information, write a 3-page (minimum) paper, in APA formatting, addressing the following:Explain the Exclusionary Rule and the constitutional basis for its creation.Present a discussion regarding the justifications and continued use of the Exclusionary Rule. Specifically, identify two (2) reasons for its continued use and two (2) reasons to stop using the rule.We know that the Exclusionary Rule is not in the Constitution, but rather it is a rule of law set by the Supreme Court. It could be changed by any Supreme Court now or in the future. Explain whether you would like to see the rule changed, and why. You may write this section in 1st person.Finally, we know that, just because evidence may be excluded at trial due to the operation of the Exclusionary Rule, the prosecution does not necessarily end. Explain why that is the case. Explain whether you agree or disagree that the prosecution should end if any evidence is suppressed? Defend your answer. You may write this section in 1st person.80 Points

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