different essay patterns

First, tell the story (narration) of a time when you failed at something. The choice could involve jobs, romantic partners, school, or a hobby. After you have told that story, write about the effects of that failure. (Note: You can write two paragraphs of narration and one of effects or vice versa.) We will look at expanding the following writing patterns into essays:definitioncause or effectargumentmultipatternand then write a five-paragraph essay using at least two patterns.Be sure to give me a title, five paragraphs (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion).  PROOF YOUR WORK. Type in Word, then drop in “Submit Assignment.”https://iowacconline.instructure.com/courses/80245/files/14601200?verifier=9gVakCOj6Er9GmAsRlB8087zUBARdcCloqr2CzYj

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