You must then read your classmates’ Initial Posts. After you have read their Initial Posts, you must respond to TWO of your classmates by the last day of the academic week, at 11:59 pm ET. These are called your PEER RESPONSES. Each Peer Response is worth 10 points and should be 100 words in length, which is equal to about 0.4 page of double-spaced writing in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12 point font in a Word document.
To recap, each weekly discussion is worth 50 points (30 for your initial post and 10 each for your peer responses). Please make sure to follow the rubric in the syllabus.Respond to ONE question below by the fourth day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. Respond to TWO student posts by the last day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. Read the discussion guidelines which you will find under Content for further details.
1. Discuss why humans migrated out of Africa and how geology and paleoanthropology supports these explanations.
2. Explain the role geography played in the transition from hunter-gatherers to more permanent settlements.
3. What role did women play in Neolithic and Paleolithic worlds? How should we understand gender roles in the prehistoric era?
4. Discuss how science has dealt with the ideas of racism and cultural interpretation in explaining early man.