Discussion Board: GDP An Imperfect Measure of Progress

But it is not a perfect measure of well-being. For example, GDP excludes the value of leisure and the value of a clean environment. This discussion examines the usefulness and limits of measures of GDP. You might have difficulty accepting the use of GDP as a proxy for well-being. We can measure the well-being of a country by health, education, access for healthy food rather than money income. Per capita GDP does not directly measure well-being but it is highly correlated with direct measures.
Please read the following news article:
GDP An Imperfect Measure of Progress click here!
Please state and explain one reason why GDP is not a perfect measure of economic well-being based on the article.
Please find the recent nominal GDP of Switzerland and China or India (you can Google). If GDP is a good proxy of well-being, why is Switzerland’s GDP so much lower than India’s GDP or China’s GDP? When you answer this question keep in mind the population of China or India is much higher than in Switzerland.
Please define GDP per capita and search for recent GDP per capita for both Switzerland and China. Do you think GDP per capita is a better measure than GDP itself? Why or why not?
Respond to two of your peers who selected a different reason than you did.
State another reason why GDP is not a perfect measure of economic well-being.
Find the GDP per capita of a developing country and compare this country’s GDP with your peers’ choice of countries.
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