Discussion question Each week in your discussion, you will assume the role of a leadership team in a

Discussion question
week in your discussion, you will assume the role of a leadership team
in a human resources department. You will be given a topic with which to
wrestle questions fundamental to managing your department as well as
managing people in the larger organization. Using the course materials
as springboards for your basis of methodology, you are expected, as a
group of leaders, to come up with solutions to challenges facing human
resource departments, generally, and human resources managers, specifically.
Your Module 2 discussion assignment is to describe and analyze
how legal, political, cultural, and economic factors affect HR
professionals. In addition, consider how external and internal factors
can impact strategic HR management. As a group, come up with a challenge
that might come up for an HR leader (you are encouraged to use an
experience you have had, but please keep all names anonymous). What are
the external forces that make the issue so challenging? How, as leaders,
would you set to describe and resolve the problem? What legal,
political, cultural, or economic factors are part of this issue and how
might these external factors make your proposed resolution even more
challenging? 200-300 words

Requirements: 200-300 words

few seconds ago[supanova_question]

Health Care Policy Course Development

Paper details Final Paper: Each team will submit a final research paper. The cumulative research paper will synthesize, analyze, and evaluate aspects learned from working collaboratively as a team, the steps and activities performed to develop a graduate-level course, and any obstacles encountered. Include and cite the source materials previously referenced in the development of the graduate-level healthcare leadership course. The final paper should be APA format:
? Typed, 1.5 spaces,
? One-inch margins on all sides,
? Font – 12 pt. with Times New Roman,
? Page numbers,
? 15 pages (maximum length).

I have included the syllabus for the class that we created. You can use the sources within our syllabus.

Thank you

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