discussion questions

What is the difference in a semi-structured interview and an unstructured interview. What is an interview schedule and when would it be used? What is a focus group? Give an example of when a focus group would be used. word count:250
3309: What is the single most important lesson from the experience of some other country that YOU would recommend for use in the development or reform of U.S. health policy? Discuss the benefits you would expect and likely obstacles to successful implementation (cultural values, political alignments, stakeholder interests, economic factors, etc.)

3312: https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/05/22/neighbors-on-edge-as-search-continues-for-queens-serial-burglary-suspect/
1. In light of the burglaries, how did one of the neighbors say that she was going to change her behavior?
2. What other target hardening strategies can we do to help prevent burglaries? word count 250

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