Economic Causes Of The Civil War: Unveiling Theories And Effects

Historical Narratives and Manipulation

War has been around since the beginning of time. As long as there are humans, there will be war. The problem with that is, in some cases, war can be the end of all human life. The citizens of all four countries do not want war, but when you have people who are in place that are supposed to represent their people’s best interests and have their own secret agendas, well, that is a completely different scenario. Throughout history, we have understood at least one thing, which is that history is his story. The people who come out on top usually get to tell the story of the events; well, in America’s case, even when they are not the victor, they will still spin the story in their favor. How does America keep getting away with that? Well, it is simple. When you have the power and resources to win wars, then you get to tell everyone how they went. When America loses a war, they still have the power and resources to use the media to brainwash people into believing anything that they want them to believe.

Media’s Role in Shaping Perceptions of Conflict

The media plays a very pivotal role in how countries are shaped and treated in the world. If America has an issue with a country, they will use the media to portray them in a negative light so people will not have pity for them when America decides to invade them or assassinate their leader or use various tactics to achieve their goal. In the case of North Korea, the American media will display Kim Jong Un in an unfatherly way. They will talk about his appearance and call him a dictator and bring up that his people are poor and they do not have much to eat. They will also say that the people are being brainwashed and they do not want him as a leader, but they need help being liberated. The crazy thing about that is many people in this country are starving, and there are many nationalities that have been discriminated against for hundreds of years. America has an unbelievable way of manipulating the past. I had no idea that the war in 1950 with North Korea was such a devasting one. “The villages were filled with napalm, and the cities eclipsed Nazi crematoriums. Never before on our planet were so many people killed and with such cruelty as was done by the Yankees in Korea. In just a few months of American occupation, more than one million civilians were executed.” (Siard, 2017) What America did not expect was for the Koreans to keep fighting despite the clear advantage that America had over them and the devastating atrocities that they had encountered. Now it those kinds of makes sense why Americans would want to sweep this under the rug because they were beaten by a smaller opponent. America can easily wipe out North Korea with a nuclear bomb, but it might start world war III, and even if it does not, they would not be able to sweep that under the rug. Also, America really does not want to fight another war, especially since they are fighting six at once, and resources will be depleted fast.

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Struggles and Strategies in Global Rivalries

The war with China has been going back and forth for a little time now. The latest news is that China has been involved in hacking American companies. The American media constantly shows negative images and stories of China, which China feels is wrong and hurts them from achieving their goals in an American-run capitalistic society. China has spent six billion dollars on new campaigns to try to show the world a different side other than the one that American media shows. Every country has skeletons in their closets that they do not want to get out or want to keep buried. However, America is trying to expose them, and they are also using different tactics to do so. One of them is cyberattacks. China is viewed as equal to America on the economic level of trading and markets. Because of this, China is posing a threat to America. “Unfortunately, increases in one’s own defensive capabilities often cause insecurity in another- part of the so-called Thucydides Trap.” (Majumdar, 2016) As China keeps getting stronger and smarter, they pose a threat to America, and because of that, America needs to try to bring them back down by trying to use the media to destroy what they built and to sabotage their future deals with other countries. If America and China ever went to war and no country used nuclear bombs, then America would win, but the war would critically affect the economy in America and in the world.

Tensions and Disinformation Surrounding Russia

The hottest topic in today’s news media is Russia. Russia has been in the news weekly with several stories of hacking. The biggest story is that Russia has hacked the 2016 presidential election. Most Americans feel that if Russia can do that, then what else can they do to America? The media informed its readers that ‘news broke that the Russian president himself was involved in the efforts to influence our November election in favor of Donald Trump.’ As for intervening in foreign elections, the CIA has excelled at that anti-democratic game for many decades, and the U.S. media outlets have been inclined to nod or even cheer when the American government and allied U.S. operatives succeed in working their will on electorates overseas. (Solomon, 2016) for. America has been intervening in other countries elections, and they have often used assignation tactics to get rid of a leader that they felt would hurt or complicate the process that they have in place or want to continue instance, in Iraq, Honduras, Libya, and Syria. There is no place or level that the American government will not go to achieve its objective. According to the media, President Putin should be on America’s most wanted list. The media has blamed and lied to Putin for what is going on in Ukraine. They lied and said that Putin had sent Russian soldiers into Ukraine and was helping one side that was closest to their border. However, facts have proven this to be false. The Cold War still continued at the Pentagon, and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, but NATO expanded. “NATO’s new commander says he wants to be ready to fight Russia immediately.” (Swanson, 2016) The United States and NATO have deployed over 40,000 troops by Russia’s western border. Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, America has revved up its military to show the world that it is the most powerful and then it can try to reign supreme over the world. (Auken, 2016) The problem that the US State Department and NATO will soon face is one of diminishing returns, as their lies about Russia will pale in comparison to the atrocities being committed by the forces back in Kyiv. (Panevin, 2015)

Questioning Media’s Influence and Global Implications

After reading all of the articles, they do conflict with the mainstream media views and thoughts of war between Russia, China, and North Korea. The media seems to think and view war as a joke, as if it is something that can only happen if something huge happens. They seem to lack the horrors and the death that will occur to millions and maybe billions depending on if nuclear weapons are used. They often think it is a game where there are no consequences to the insults and lies that they broadcast to the world to further their agenda. I do not believe the American media with their stories, mainly because they have not given me a reason to believe them. They have shown throughout its history that they love to discriminate against certain nationalities, and they want to be the most powerful country in the world. And whenever they feel that they are treated, then they view a country as a treat. They try to crucify a country for doing the exact same thing that they do. “The reality is, on an international level, the intelligence services of all three nations operate with remarkably similar mission goals and objectives: they wish to protect the national interests of their respective states and garner advantages for said states via the acquisition of important information.” (Crosston, 2016) All of the countries have certain goals that they are trying to achieve. They all want to get an advantage over each other. The next way of fighting is not fighting with weapons and bombs but more in cyberspace. Each country is trying to utilize technology to harm each other. The scary thing about cyber war is that a country no longer has to gather troops, and they do not have to travel across the world to do harm. Instead, they can get a small group of smart people who have a high degree of programming and coding and use them to info trait a company. They can do so by playing welfare or bug or warm into the software, which leaves a backdoor for them to come in, and in doing so, now they have access to the database. When they have access to the database, that means that they have access to everyone’s personal information like social security numbers, bank information, and credit card information. They can do this on a small level or on a grand stage like Target. Because Target is such a massive company and millions of people shop there yearly, now that their security wall has been breached, everyone’s information is at risk. This is a very scary thought and feeling, but in retrospect, America has been doing this before any other country.

Conclusion: A World at the Brink

America has been using its government agencies to do this kind of work for decades. Especially the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Edward Snowden blew the whistle on what many Americans would consider a breach of privacy. The CIA will gather evidence in any way possible by using wire tapes, scanning your network, or using your own computer against you.

I believe that all countries have done wrong and will continue to do wrong to their people and their neighbors. They all will try tactics that are illegal and are grounds for war, but they will continue to push the boundaries as much as possible until one country feels that they have crossed the line. When that happens, I do believe that will be the trigger that pushes this planet to world war III, which will kill millions, if not billions, because I do believe that one of them will fire and use a nuclear bomb or a weapon of mass destruction. Since most of those countries have most of the nuclear weapons, it will not take long before the earth is inhabited, and no humans are going to survive the fallout from the radiation. Overall, the media will portray negative views of countries that are rivals to America. It is another form of tactic that they use in a war called propaganda. I know the big question is when they will go to war, but I do not see it that way because I believe that we are already at war with them. Now it is just a matter of when they are going to find out.

Does Othello Love Desdemona? Interpreting The Nature Of Love In ‘Othello’

A tragic hero is a character who has two personalities whereby he has greatness and also has a flaw in his character. Othello is such a character as he is presented by Shakespeare. He is a gullible and proud man as he is jealous. As a man of great stature, his greatness is eliminated not only by his environment but also by fate. These characters are important in the play as they are important in giving the play its true meaning.

Othello’s Greatness and Power

In the first act, Othello says, ‘Hold your hands, both of you of my inclining and the rest. Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it without a prompter’ (I, ii, lines 97-100), which indicates the nature of the power he possesses. In the fourth act, he says, “‘I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss’ (V, ii, line 413-414) which is the scene when he kills himself after being fooled into murder. He killed for jealousy, thinking he was killing for justice. Based on his characters and the unfolding scenes in the play, this paper will determine why Othello is a tragic hero.

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The Transformation of Othello’s Character

Othello is a man endowed with greatness and power. In the first act, Othello is portrayed as a benevolent man, and his power is from his military elite status. He has a pure and innocent love for his wife, Desdemona, who is young and beautiful. He is also an even-tempered man. Even when he is tempted into anger by Iago, he does not concede to this. However, the villainy of the protagonist, Iago, changes his nature and leads to fatal consequences for Othello’s actions.

Othello also has weaknesses in his character since, later in the play, his inner being is exposed as jealous. This is the turning point of events in the play, whereby the once virtuous man turns into a villain and ends up dead. The plot develops dramatically as Othello becomes a victim of Iago’s villain’s schemes, and he is tricked into murder. This is evidence as to why Othello is a tragic hero. First, all his actions are focused on noble actions and on the search and execution of justice. However, the path he follows, guided by the villain, unknowingly leads him to commit murder and suicide.

Othello’s Downfall and Tragic Demise

In the play, the hero becomes victim to circumstances that lead to his psychological health getting destroyed gradually by the treacherous schemes of Iago. He becomes weak in every single way since even though he is outgoing, he is not an observant man, and that is the reason he does not discover the wicked schemes of Iago. He is a mysterious man as he believes that magic is present in his surrounding environment, and he ends up not understanding the common working of the minds of other people. That is the reason why the villain gets to destroy his emotional health and stir up jealousy in him, and, in the end, a murder is committed and his own death. This is why he becomes a tragic hero.


In conclusion, this paper has identified the reason why Othello is a tragic hero. First, he is a benevolent man of good moral values, and he possesses power from his high military rank. His surroundings are full of men with disloyal and treacherous people who do not have similar nobility and goodness. Iago is the villain character in the play that plots against Othello and almost manages to trick Othello into a vicious cycle. Othello is a man who also has the power to control what is going on in his life as well as his being since he is a great warrior. The first flaw in his character is his gullibility in that he is unable to uncover the plot Iago has against him until the very end. He finds himself in a tragic situation and a tragic death. The second character that indicates a flaw in his personality is jealousy. He is a man who fights for justice, and he also has a great and innocent love for his wife. The plot of Iago leads him into a trap that stirs up his jealous nature and anger, and he ends up committing murder, thinking he is fighting for justice. His lethal action of killing Brabant makes him realize the fatal mistake and how he lacked in wisdom and ended up killing himself by stabbing his chest with a knife. The events unfold to an end, with a great warrior and hero dying tragically.

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