Edit my final project

I have a finial project and I need to fix it as this comment said this comments are from my profssepr
There are two main things that need addressing: evidence and organization.
EVIDENCE: Unfortunately, there are many problems here, many of which I’m surprised to see this late in the semester. For instance, there is one paragraph that plagiarizes content without using quotation marks, and there is another citation that refers the reader to a source that doesn’t actually contain the info cited there. These are very serious issues that could easily result in a grade of zero for the entire essay. Beyond that, the list of References doesn’t correlate exactly to the sources referenced by name in the essay; for instance, your list of References mentions a peer-reviewed article by A. M. Munroe (2021), but that article isn’t actually referenced in the essay. At another point your essay mentions “the author” without naming who the author is. And in many places, you do exactly what my most recent video warned against: you add a citation to the end of a paragraph without making it clear which sentences are paraphrases from the source and which are your own ideas. It feels like you haven’t been watching or understanding my videos all semester long.
ORGANIZATION: I often had trouble seeing how your ideas fit together in order. For instance, some parts are addressed to musicians writing music, but then other parts will jump out of that to discuss a very different issue, before jumping back to advice that repeats what was said before. Sometimes that repetition feels idea-based, where the same sorts of things are repeated, but once, you repeat an entire paragraph verbatim that you already wrote earlier. My general feeling was, “I feel lost; where am I in this essay? How does this connect to the other ideas around it?”

4 mins ago