EGL 1340: Comp 11: Writing Topics- Tech

You will create a topic memo or letter that outlines your proposal for a problem-solution recommendation report. Your document should follow the basic conventions of memos or letters, as described in our course notes. It should outline the basics of your proposal, including:
1) The problem you are addressing: What company did you or your team choose? What is the main problem? Can you show evidence that there is a problem?
2) The methodology you will use to research the problem: What research will you do to determine the problem? Why have you chosen that research method or those websites?
3) The solution: Use a brief overview of your proposed solution. Add an action item.
Since this is an initial topic memo/letter, it is understood that some of your information will be tentative. You may decide that additional (or different) research would be useful; some of your proposed solutions may change as you continue to research.
But remember that the more specific your information, the clearer (and more persuasive) your overall project becomes. Offer evidence (examples from other companies that used the solution and worked, testimony, or survey results…) to show your readers that your claim is valid.
Your audience for this memo/letter is the supervisor or CEO at the company (a.k.a. me, your instructor). As thesupervisor, I will be the person who oversees your individual or group’s project before you present your ideas to the board of directors in the more formal written proposal.
If you choose to work in a group, your group will collaboratively produce this document (meaning each member of the group will submit the same memo/letter), using standard memo/letter format.

Approx. 1-2 pages
To Submit Your Assignment:
An individual should submit his or her own document using Word.
If you are working in a group, complete the document in your shared Google Docs folder and save it as a Word or .rtf file. Attach the file using Blackboard’s Assignment feature. Each group member is expected to submit the same topic memo/letter, so make sure everyone has the same version of the document.
(For more on how to do this, click on “Blackboard How To” button on the navigation bar.) Name the manual using each group member’s first name and the word “topic”, with no spaces in between (example: janejohnjunetopic.doc).

Due Date:
See syllabus

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