Electrical Engineering Question

S. and analyze how this product’s life cycle has affected diversity, equality, and structural inequalities in the U.S. (or the world), and reflect on your own positions within these processes. You may consider any product: a product with a physical form (such as clothes, cars, etc.) or without a physical form (such as financial or cultural products, or government policies). You can focus on one or multiple steps in the product’s life cycle. You must discuss the impact on all three aspects (diversity, equality, and structural inequality) and reflect on your own positions in relation to these processes. Please integrate course material (concepts, theories, discussions, and lectures). Cite at least one course reading and one appropriate source from outside class. All course reading materials are posted on the course HOME page.
Instruction: 1. Please review the rubrics before you start writing the paper. 2. Your paper should have a clear structure, including a thesis, body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and focused discussions, and a conclusion. 3. The paper should be detailed in analysis and your argument should be based on specific evidence. Make sure to choose a focus (such as a particular brand) that allows you to provide specific examples, statistics or any other kinds of factual details or data in your paper. 4. You may use the first person in your self-reflection. 5. You can use APA or MLA citation format, and should include intext citations and a reference list for either citation format. APA citations of all reading materials are listed in the document “APA citations for course reading materials” posted in the first module of the home page and also at the end of the course syllabus.
Format: double space (indent the beginning of each paragraph; no extra space between paragraphs), 12 font size