Elon Musk Case

Read Case 2.3 Elon Musk (Chapter 2, Trait Approach, page 47), then answer the following questions. Make sure to copy the questions and include them in your post. Provide your answers below the questions in your post.
Q1: How does Musk exhibit each of the major leadership traits (Table 2.2)? Which of these traits do you believe he is the strongest in? Is there one where he is weak?
Q2: Describe how Musk has exhibited each of the Big Five personality factors. Which of these factors do you think has the most correlation with Musk’s success as a leader?
After completing your own post, read and reply to one of your classmate’s posting. You can respond/reply to your classmate’s post by:
Providing specific feedback about your colleagues’ post
Asking a probing or clarifying question in response to your colleagues’ post
Describing a different technique/method to handle the situation (where appropriate)

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