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Assignment Description
Upload two documents: a cover letter and a resume. Each one is worth 10 points. Details on how to create these are in Chapter 14 of your textbook (( Management and the Arts (5th edition), Byrnes, William J. Focal Press. 2015. ISBN: 978-0-415-66329-8 )) ,and they are also covered in a class lecture.
First, a big tip: if you want to make an amazing resume and cover letter, use the UCF Career Services Department to help you out for free! Check this website for information about resumes: https://career.ucf.edu/students-old/resumes/Links to an external site.. You can also see everything they offer you here: https://career.ucf.edu/Links to an external site. , or contact them here: https://career.ucf.edu/contact/Links to an external site.. I highly recommend you take the time to utilize that service – it is to your benefit!
Assignment requirements
Your documents must be in PDF format.
Your cover letter must definitely be no longer than one page.
Unless your achievements and experience are substantial, your resume should also be no longer than one page. If your resume is longer than one page, the material on it must be essential. Do not fill your resume with superfluous information.
These documents can be created for any job you hope to interview for in the future OR you can make them generic(Dear XXXX, I am applying for your position as XXXX). Even if you make it generic, though, you must still write a legitimate cover letter, describing your experience, abilities, skills, and fit for the (theoretical) job.
If you have already written a cover letter and resume for an actual job application you have used in real life, you may submit them. Similarly, if you have already created them for another class, you may submit them. You do not have to create new material, I just want to be sure you HAVE THEM.
Note to performers: do not submit an acting/theatrical resume here. This is a management class, so your resume and experience should reflect that setting, not performance. Submitting a theatrical resume for a traditional job application will likely see you immediately removed from consideration.

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