English Question

Everyone answer question #1 and then choose two additional
questions. Each answer should be about 2-3 pages long double spaced. Use specific details, quotes, data, events, languages and
terms. Don’t be general in your answers. Your mastery and use of
details and facts.
Your points must be well developed, organized, and supported by
enough particulars to make your position unassailable.
Write essay in one file, either PDF or MS Word. Use references and
cite them appropriately, ie Chicago. Make sure your answer is logical
in its organization, including a strong thesis statement for each essay.
I will be evaluating your answers based on your ability to

• process and synthesize the semester’s material, • use of evidence to support your position,
• logic of your position, and
• how well you articulate your position—this means proofread,
organize, and thesis
1. Create an essay that incorporates your conclusions from the
Realities of Poverty Project and the things we have talked about in
class. Use the detailed notes you took over the semester and
include what you think the value of the project was. Relate your
conclusions to the current food movements, food sovereignty,
poverty, and food justice.
2. Argue for or against this statement: Global hunger is rooted in
poverty rather than the often-claimed global over-population or
global shortages of food.
3. How does the world economy shape agriculture, make sure and
consider the role of subsidies, tariffs, corporations, large vs small
farmers and developed vs developing countries?
4. How does the current global farming crisis affect national and
global security?