English Question

English 100 Objectives
Compose a focused essay that consistently and fully develops a clear thesis.
Use sufficient information from outside sources to develop their essays.
Integrate information and ideas from sources effectively in their own writing.
Conform to the conventions of the MLA documentation system.
Final Essay Question: Write 4 paragraphs, one for each OBJECTIVE above. Fully explain how you have met that objective (giving examples helps). For
example, for paragraph 1 (objective 1): did you learn how to “compose a
focused essay”? What do you know about essays now that you didn’t know
before? How do you know if your essay has “focus?” Do your essays “fully
develop a clear thesis”? How do you know you are developing your
thesis? How do you know your thesis is clear?
This is an
opportunity for you to show me what you have learned this semester, and
to show me you have indeed learned what the class intended to teach.
There is not a specific right answer I am looking for. Instead, I am
looking for you to reflect on your growth and summarize what learning
you have accomplished this semester.

To earn points on this exam, it is not enough to write “I have learned how
to compose a focused essay” and then move on to question 2. Write a
fully developed paragraph with lots of examples–show me what you’ve learned

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