Enslaved And Free Black Marriages

Enslaved and Free Black Marriages are black hetero and homosexual people who could not have marriage rights. Black people fought for equality in the United States within the Supreme Court amongst African American discrimination that traces back to the centuries of Slavery where majority of black couples were hurdle in servitude as well as wedlock.

During 1857, the Supreme Court created a case that became at large and denied African Americans on marriages; the family’s right to freedom and demonstrate the legal and social takes Embedded in marriage. African Americans formed families and adopted people into their kinship Networks despite whites’ disapproval. They affirmed humanity amongst each other in spite of Violence, rape, abuse and looming specters of separation with internal slave trades. In 1865, slavery has ended. African American still did not have any legal rights to marry. Northern states such as New York, Pennsylvania and many more made the legal rights for blacks To marry before the years of 1865.

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Southern States were enslaved people has entered relationships and called each other husbands and wives even though, they did not have legal documentation; they’re union could not be protected. As the year of 2015 approached, the State of Alabama where two homosexuals African American women came forward to announce their marriage after, continuously fighting their rights as of February 9th. Many black and enslaved people have valued they’re marriages as a way to love and commit to your significant other as well as heterosexual marriages.

The day of February 9th, counties all over Alabama had the last day that many municipalities had issued Marriage license to anyone. Instead, the law would require homosexuals and heterosexuals to Record marriage contracts at probate offices. The federal government opened legal marriage, a legal institution that many nineteenth Century Americans would value as the bedrock of society which also, require of manhood and Womanhood.

Overpopulation Effects On Health And The Environment

Overpopulation effects all other aspects of our health and the environment in which we live. There has been more human-caused environmental disgrace in the last few thousands years than ever before, and with the population increasing five times its size in the last 300 years it is no wonder overpopulation has such a staggering impact in all areas of our health.

Chronic disease is directly impacted by overpopulation. With the advancement we have in our medicine today compared with past centuries it has caused less people to die and increased life expectancy. Toxicology, and radiation knowledge, has been improved and we now know more today about what is and is not harmful for our bodies. Medicine and modern knowledge are controlling epidemics and individuals are able to live longer and fight off infections more easily.

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As health practices have been greatly improved so has the ease of obtaining clean water. Water is essential for survival and while having easy access to fresh water is incredible, with more people there are less resources. Though there is an abundance of water in the world there is only so much of it we can safely consume. Wastewater management has been improved, but with overpopulation there is an increase in need of ingestible water.

Food safety guidelines did not use to exist. With our increased capacity for learning we have discovered better ways to eat and prepare the food we have. Overpopulation means an increased need for more food and resources.

With an increase of people on the earth there is an increased need for homes. To make enough homes for the people who need them inherently means taking space from our recreational areas and harming our environment further. The resources must come from somewhere, and just like with water there are only so many resources we have here on our planet.

Besides the necessary food, water, and shelter, people also need jobs. With a shortage of jobs individuals struggle with unemployment which can lead to drug addiction, homelessness, and a poor quality of life.

An increase in waste is a direct causation from an increase in population, and our earth is only so large. The air quality and environmental safety with waste pollution causes our health to be compromised. The pollution levels have increased with our rapidly growing population causing harm to our wellbeing and the environment.

For those in environmental planning there is concern with overpopulation and the number of children being born, unplanned and unwanted. Less individuals are dying but more are being born at a rapid rate. If we educate parents on the means of prevention we can reduce the number of individuals being born and decrease the level of overpopulation, prevention is much easier than control, especially for our environment.

Overpopulation has a direct effect on chronic disease, water, waste management, shelter, air quality, among a variety of other topics. In the past famines, epidemics, and the environment have decreased population sizes, however with the improvements we have today in public and environmental health individuals have a longer life expectancy and therefore overpopulation is occuring.

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