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Discussion #10B – Rough Draft Conclusion Essay2 1313 unread replies.1313 replies.
Part one: Create the following sentences required below and then put them together into your conclusion paragraph.
Part two: Once you have posted your answers, you will see your group mates. Reply with a minimum of 5 sentences to one person to help him / her improve their writing, ask a question and/or say what they did really well.
A] Write a college level transition and connect it to a restatement of your thesis in different words: DO NOT use in conclusion, to conclude, in sum, in summary, in the end, overall.
B] DO NOT USE Summary. Because we already have a summary paragraph, we are going to make an action oriented conclusion.
1. Gottman idea [quote sandwich]:Use a transition and then summarize one of Gottman’s suggestions for improving one’s relationship that you have not yet mentioned in your essay:
Use context a quote to illustrate Gottman’s suggestion:
Write an explanation sentence on how this idea will improve someone’s relationships:
2. Your idea: Make you own suggestion for improving one’s relationships
Use a transition and then make a suggestion of your own for improving relationships:
The write 2 sentences explaining your suggestion and how it will improve other’s relationships.
3. Make a call to action:
Write 3 sentences encouraging readers to change how they interact with others to improve relationships. You may also make a prediction, give advice, use a quote or ask a question if that works for you.

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