Ethics Security

PLease write 200 words on each question provided below after watching the videos link provided below.
“Do ‘grey hat’ hackers really exist? In other words, can one truly be neutral ethically as a hacker?” You will likely want to research black hat, grey hat, and white hat hacking more online before completing this assignment
Describe the ethical dilemma or problem in a concise and focused statement.
Discuss any important background information needed to understand the case. Include references in APA format as required.
What is your conclusion related to the ethics of this case? Be specific and explain your reasoning
Discuss three stakeholders linked to this ethical case. Include how they are impacted and typical views that they hold related to the problem.
Discuss how our standard ethical theories relate to this case. Specifically, what would each theory say in response to the views of the stakeholders?
Virtue Ethics
Utility Ethics
Duty Ethics
Videos links: