Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Federal Acquisition Regulations System.

  • As a correctional administrator, you are in charge of a boot camp filled with males who were sentenced there as a last resort. The offenders have committed nonviolent crimes and have a minimum of a high school diploma.

-Week 1 Readings-





The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

  • Part 1  Federal Acquisition Regulations System
  • Part 2  Definitions of Words and Terms
  • Part 3  Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflict of Interest
  • http://farsite.hill.af.mil/vmfara.htm


Learning Activity #1

Imagine for a moment that there were fewer rules and regulations as related to federal purchasing.  Yes, the issue arises all the time, especially after election years.

So, let’s imagine that Congress decided to get rid of some of these regulations and to “open up” the federal market place to more potential contractors. Based on what you know from your experience, would that be a good idea? Are there too many regulations? Are there any regulations that you have encountered that you would agree should be eliminated? Perhaps you think that there should be more regulations so that “the big guys” can’t dominate?

And if you are new to federal contracting, think about whether it is good idea (or a bad idea) for marketplaces to have rules and regulations. Some people advocate for more rules; others argue for fewer regulations. Can you identify any areas where you could argue one way or another?

Learning Activity #2

You have just discovered that the US Government could be a big buyer of your company’s products. What are some of the first steps you need to do to tap this vast new, and potentially lucrative, market?

If you were a correctional administrator, which correctional treatment model would you subscribe to? Explain your answer by giving examples on how the correctional treatment model would improve your facility.


Address the following in 3–5 paragraphs:

  • Which of the 2 correctional treatment models would you apply to the above scenario? Why?
  • Specifically, how would this model improve the facility?
  • How would the scenario have to change for you to select the alternate model?

Federal Acquisition Regulations System

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