Focused Area Discussion Essay

You will write no less than 275-word to no greater than 350-word per Focus Area (F-A) question. Each focus area will be a level 1 heading. Thoroughly discussing the four focus area questions: a. F-A1: There are four elements that make up the Army Sustainment Warfighting Function
(logistics, financial management, personnel services, and health service support). Examine the
efficiency and effectiveness of the Russian army in Ukraine using one of the four elements.
b. F-A2: Explain how operational contract support (OCS) aids the warfighter at all levels of
war (strategic, operational, and tactical).
c. F-A3: Explain how the principle of continuity assures confidence in sustainment allowing the
commander freedom of action, operational reach, and endurance.
d. F-A4: Illustrate how sustainment preparation of the operational environment (SUSPoE) aids
commanders at the strategic, operational, and tactical level.

-Most focused areas contain an action word that you can use to help you organize your
response to that area. In general, the following actions words are some that we use: define,
compare and contrast, analyze, describe, explain, discuss, give examples, examine, and

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