full situational analysis (BH)

Now, for this second milestone, due in Module Five, you will conduct a full situational analysis to identify the internal and external market factors thatimpact the Bellevue Hospital, propose a service to market for the organization, and generate a marketing goal for this proposed service. Throughout thismilestone, apply the marketing fundamentals of conversion of consumers to customers.Prompt: First, review the text readings and course resources you have so far studied. In addition, review your Final Project Milestone One and Module FourWorksheet submissions and instructor feedback to those submissions. The SWOT analysis you completed in the Module Four Worksheet is one method by whichto conduct a situational analysis. Use this process to assist you as you complete the situational analysis in this milestone. Also refer back to the Bellevue:Community Health Needs Assessment to inform your analysis.Next, within 2–3 pages, conduct a situational analysis that analyzes the internal and external market factors that impact Bellevue Hospital. In addition, propose aservice to market for the organization and develop marketing goals for this proposed service. The paper should explain how the proposed marketing goals alignwith the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization. Keep in mind that your marketing goals should follow the SMART goal framework (specific,measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).The following critical elements must be addressed:II. Situational Analysis: In this section of the marketing plan, you will be conducting a needs analysis to identify and propose a service for theorganization.A. Analyze the internal and external market factors impacting the healthcare organization.B. Propose a service to market for this organization based on what you learned from the Bellevue: Community Health Needs Assessment. Include anexplanation as to whether it is addressing an opportunity or weakness from the market factor analysis.C. Develop a marketing goal for the proposed service, applying the SMART goal framework. For example, what might be a specific goal? How is thegoal going to be measured? How are the goals achieved (be specific)? Are they realistic? What is the timeframe?D. Justify the alignment of the marketing goal to the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization. Please be specific.E. Identify and analyze the competition for the proposed service.F. Evaluate how the current marketing strategies used by the organization adhere to industry ethical criteria. Be sure to integrate and apply what youlearned from the course material about ethics.Within the discussions, include at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles that are no more than five years old to support your arguments, thoughts, and opinions.Refer to your completed Final Project Milestone One and Module Four Worksheet, as well as to the text readings and other course resources to support yourresponses. Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback on this milestone submission into your final project.RubricGuidelines for Submission: This milestone should be submitted as a Word document, 2  pages in length, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Romanfont, one-inch margins, and the latest edition of the APA manual for formatting and citations.